Cantor Gaming Launches New Sports Betting Application for Android Devices

Cantor Gaming, one of the leading sports and race book operators in Nevada, recently announced the launch of its new mobile wagering application for Android devices. The application has been approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board and will allow customers to make bets via any Android device. This includes Android tablets as well as mobile phones. All customers using the mobile wagering application will have access to Cantor Gaming’s wagers which are available in its sports book section.

About the Mobile Wagering Application

Cantor Gaming’s new mobile wagering application is based on sophisticated technology which is embedded in it and provides a high level of security. It gives players a secure wagering environment that is convenient, easy to use and fast loading. It is a good complement to the sleek look of Android devices. Complying with the Gaming Control Board of Nevada’s regulations, it will only work within the state of Nevada. The application will not function once users leave the state.

According to the regulations of the State of Nevada, players have to be at least 21 years old to be eligible to access the app. They should have an account with Cantor Gaming. They can get an account by paying an initial deposit and providing valid identification.

The President and CEO of Cantor Gaming, Lee M. Amaitis said that Cantor Gaming’s primary focus and goal is to incessantly work towards enhancing the experience of its customers. It does this by focusing on superior and innovative technology. He said that Cantor Gaming’s team has developed the application to be convenient, enjoyable and usable in real-time. It also incorporates the most reliable and advanced security measures.

Amaitis said that creating an application which is flexible enough to suit the latest generation of Nevada customers, who are constantly on the move, has been a milestone for the company. Cantor Gaming is unwavering in its mission to create real-time, exciting experiences for its players who enjoy sports betting.

Other Promotions from Cantor Gaming

In addition to the mobile sports wagering application, Cantor Gaming is offering a great new promotion for its members who are sportsbook patrons. Customers at Cantor Gaming are eligible (subject to some restrictions) to receive a free Android device. Players can also purchase an Android device for a discounted rate from the site.



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