OMI Gaming Developed Kazuri Casino Module

A developer of mobile casino games, OMI Gaming launched Kazuri Casino Module. It has been designed for various digital channels of mobile gambling like smartphones, tablets, kiosk and native apps. Kazuri Casino Module offers a wide range of casino games that can be instantly accessed on tablets, smartphones and PCs.

3rd Party Plug-In not Required

The best aspect about the new offering from OMI Gaming is that it doesn’t require any additional plug-ins to play games. The games directly run on web browsers. Games from Kazuri Casino Module can be played on latest web browsers in addition to OSX, iOS, Linux, Windows and Windows Mobile.

Princess Fortune and Jungle Fruits Now Available on Kazuri Casino Module Platform

Two mobile gaming slots are currently available at the Kazuri Casino Module platform. These are Jungle Fruits and Princess Fortune. The mobile gaming platform is distributing the package as two mobile slots machines for smartphones and tablets. For online and kiosk channels, the package is distributed as full-sized video slots.

New Mobile Gambling Slots to be Released by OMI Gaming in February

New mobile gaming slots are expected to be released by OMI Gaming by the middle of February. Some of the slots that OMI Gaming is planning to release are Benny the Panda and Tres Hombres. Blackjack and Mobile Roulette will be released on the platform in the middle of May this year.

Easy to Use Module

The Kazuri Casino Module is quite simple and easy to use since no additional plug-ins are required. The module can be integrated easily and used directly. It has been provided with useful features like multi-language and multi-currency provisions. High quality casino games can be developed on the platform. Quite a few mobile casino games will be released in the near future, according to OMI Gaming. These will be made available for smartphones as well as kiosk and online markets. The module is the best solution for casino operators who want to cross-sell their casino products through mobile and online mediums. OMI Gaming is a privately owned company developing software for online games. The company is based in Stockholm and specializes in mobile & multi-platform games.

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